The K3 blog is moving

The K3-Cubed blog is moving to be published as part of our exciting new NextGen Solutions venture. Visit the website at K3-Cubed will continue to provide high-performance, high-reliability Knowledge Management solutions, but the focus of the blog will be changing to explore NextGen challenges.

3 Tips for gaining a learning and knowledge advantage in your organisation

Three tips to help Lessons Learned, Intranet Governance, Human resource Development programmes accelerate learning in their organisations. Informed by the cognitive perspective on learning, they have been demonstrated to improve the commitment of learning to long term memory. Read More

When is a Knowledge Manager a knowledge manager?

When is a Knowledge Manager a knowledge manager? The debate over whether Knowledge Managers manage knowledge or whether they are confused data and information managers has raged for decades. So, when is a Knowledge Manager a knowledge manager? The following might give you some food for thought. A Knowledge Manager understands that the concepts of… Read More

Knowledge Management: are you trying to capture Lionel Messi?

Knowledge Management: are you trying to capture Lionel Messi? All Knowledge Management or Learning and Development programmes should be looking to capture, share, re-use and develop existing high-performance know-how for the greater good. Sounds sensible, but, in my experience, there is one singular challenge that is missed by Knowledge Management and Learning & Development professionals;… Read More

High-performance learning, an answer to a wicked problem

Deloitte recently announced the publication of a new report on high-performance learning, “Adapt Workplace Learning to the Speed of Business” – basically, organisations┬áthat accelerate the speed of learning (acquisition, diffusion, application and creation of knowledge) outperform those who don’t. For those of you that have been following my blog, this should not come as a… Read More

Introducing “Network Learning”

An individual’s awareness of the interconnectedness and interdependence of individual nodes within a given network (while swarming or when established) can improve the speed, depth, complexity, completeness and security of knowledge acquisition, storage, sharing and creation across a network. Read More