The Power of A Summit Award

  For its ingenuity, collaboration and focus on the future, INCPAS was awarded a 2016 ASAE Summit Award which recognizes the association community’s valuable contributions on the local, national and global level. ASAE’s Power of A (association) Awards, the industry’s highest honor, reward outstanding accomplishments of associations and industry professionals for their efforts to enrich lives, create… Read More

Indiana CPA Society & CPA Centre of Excellence (CEO)

David is a values driven, reflective and committed individual who is considered to be a valuable member of our team – reflected in the extension of his engagement with INCPAS. He is not afraid to speak his mind and practices an evidence-based approach to decision-making that assists our decision-making and creates powerful arguments for our… Read More

Workforce Equanimity (Larry Hiner, Partner)

David sits at the intersection of academia and practice. This is a demanding and constantly-changing position, as it requires being both a thought-leader and a brilliant translator and communicator. David is exceptionally gifted in both areas, and thus brings his contemporary expertise to the ready use of his constituents.

HR (CPA) Excellence Book (Vice President & CIO Estep Doctor & Co.)

“The core competency descriptor model developed by David and the Society is a tool to help assess individuals, but it’s more than that. It’s a critical look at how the CPA should function. How a CPA should work within the business arena. How a leader develops. How somebody thinks. A whole collection of soft skills… Read More

HR (CPA) Excellence Book (Chief Learning Director, Illinois CPA Society)

“Skillfully written and easily understood, CPA Excellence A Quick Start Guide to Defining and Mastering Vital Skills for Success provides a clear roadmap for how CPAs can succeed in today’s complex business environment. David Griffiths delivers a powerful competency model that works. If you are responsible for the professional development of CPAs, this book is a must-read.”… Read More

Quintiles (Global Manager)

David is an extraordinary person, both in terms of capabilities and core values. He promotes a positive, “can do” attitude, but will also stand up for what he believes is the right direction. David is also entrepreneurial and consultative with stakeholders and…is able to successfully focus on business purpose and objectives to accomplish results. David… Read More

Bahrain Natural Gas (Director of Human Resources)

David and the team gave us a new competency framework for the company. The team effectively influenced our senior stakeholders and frontline staff alike. The system they put in place adapts as our conditions change. Strongly recommended for teams that need fast change and evidence-based solutions.

E.ON (Agile)

Mind blowing! It started with a 6am wake-up call and was relentless through to 4pm. I have never had a learning experience like this. Ever. (10-hour live agile decision-making/leadership simulation event) [delivered with Crag Scotland Ltd.]

Tieto (Head of Knowledge Management, International IT Co.)

Really enjoyed the content and the atmosphere David creates with the rare combination of great presentation skills, passion, enthusiasm and broad-mindedness – everything resting on a solid and immense pool of knowledge and experience. I didn’t just get a massive “KM” injection, but also with a great set of tools for making sense of a… Read More

HR (CPA) Excellence Book (Judy Hissing, President, Nesso Strategies)

“Do NOT invest in this resource if you are looking to enjoy your current challenges over and over again. This book is chock full of practical information and checklists for competencies often overlooked. I highly recommend it for every CPA interested in furthering their own development, and that of their organization.”