Renegade Manager: can being good at your job be a talent killer?

This week we talk about the problems created by having talent. The extra hours. The pressure to collaborate. The pressure to solve problems for others. We ask, do you truly value your talent? Could you put a value on the extra hours put in by your staff? Read More

Knowledge Management: the pawn that would be queen

What is KM and why do organisations need it? Organisations who don’t have it believe they need it. Organisations who have had it, and subsequently let it go, cannot fathom why people would want to work with such a fuzzy, failing, expensive function, where the hunt for link between cause and effect is an exercise in futility.
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Save your talent! The tipping point of supply Vs demand

  Organisations seem consumed with the idea of collaboration (knowledge sharing), but research has demonstrated that collaboration usually means more work and lower levels of satisfaction for your “go to ” people (e.g. see HBR, Jan/Feb 2016 “Collaboration overload”). What happens is that your “go to” people (super collaborators/users – the people with answers to… Read More

The 12 Rs of High Performance Lessons Learned

One of the biggest requests I have had over the last 5 years or so has been to rescue lessons learned projects that have failed. At the heart of what we do sits the 12 ‘R’s of High Performance Lessons Learned: ¬†Usually lessons Learned in organisations have been designed by engineers/Project Managers/(insert function here) for… Read More