How could storytelling improve your business?

Storytelling is one of the most powerful tools available to those of you interested in developing the behavioural aspect of culture (see out cultural pyramid for more information). But have you considered how to fully harness the power of storytelling for your business? In 2014/2015 we worked with Kruggel Lawton, a top 400 accounting firm in… Read More

Six powerful ways to surface knowledge (for free)!

To celebrate our CPA Centre of Excellence Knowledge Management & Learning Organisation project winning an ASAE Power of A Sumit Award, for “making exemplary commitments to creating a stronger America and world and are positive influences in the daily lives of society at large”, we’re going to give you six powerful ways to surface knowledge (for free)! Read More

How to report ROI from KM or Learning Organisation projects in 90 days

Reporting the value of the knowledge effort is often the number one challenge for the majority of the organisations we work with. This is becoming even more significant with the emergence of new accounting frameworks that ask organisations to report on their human, social and intellectual capital, alongside the more traditional financial and manufactured capitals. Read More

What the future is telling us

Times are changing. It is not up to the emerging generation to conform to the ways organisations currently work. Organisations are battling for talent in a competitive knowledge/talent economy. This is a talent war. Therefore, it is up to leadership and management in organisations to adapt to the needs of the merging workforce. Read More

Do you believe in learning styles?

Learning and Knowledge managers need to focus on developing adaptive capability, learning organisations, that can sustain competitive advantage/contribution to societal good over time. leaders and managers are trying to achieve this in a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous general environment.

So, do you believe in learning styles? Read More

Benchmarking performance: are you the tallest of the dwarves?

Benchmarking performance: are you the tallest of the dwarves? I was involved in a meeting last week where the discussion was focused on performance benchmarking. Basically, how good is our rapid learning organisation or knowledge management capability? The interested is in performance improvement, focused on results and impact in relation to time, safety, quality, innovation… Read More

Keep waiting for Lessons Learned and you’ll experience more failure 

I keep reading articles that remind us of the importance of learning from failure and how learning from failure is a good thing. I agree. However, all too often, they are usually well wide of the mark. For example, take a look at “increase your return on failure” (Birkinshaw & Haas), Harvard Business Review, May… Read More