3 Tips for gaining a learning and knowledge advantage in your organisation

Three tips to help Lessons Learned, Intranet Governance, Human resource Development programmes accelerate learning in their organisations. Informed by the cognitive perspective on learning, they have been demonstrated to improve the commitment of learning to long term memory. Read More

The theatre of Knowledge management: Are you making this ‘best practice’ mistake?

Knowledge Management doesn’t have to be about the theatre of action. A simple change to the way people ask questions can ignite knowledge wildfires and get everyone in the organisation practising KM. Read More

3 principles to help Knowledge Management and Rapid Learning to flourish

The starting conditions, the founding principles upon which your knowledge and learning programs are designed, determine the success of your Knowledge Management and Rapid learning programmes. The three principles, set out in the slides below, are essential to the success of any organisational knowledge and learning system where the desired outcome is adaptive capability (resilience/agility), high… Read More

How mature is your Knowledge Management or Rapid Learning program?

High-Reliability Solutions Page 2017 HPHR Knowledge Management Courses How mature is your Knowledge Management/Rapid Learning program and how does it contribute to the learning/knowledge capability of the organisation. In other words, how does Knowledge Management and Rapid Learning create value? To help your thinking, we use this model to alert organisations to the opportunities/threats related… Read More

6 powerful principles to accelerate learning in your organisation

High-Reliability Solutions Page 2017 HPHR Knowledge Management Courses I’m seeing a common theme across our Knowledge Management/Rapid Learning benchmarking/analysis work (for high-performance and high-reliability organisations) and I want to give you an insight into the opportunities available to you to improve the speed of learning in your organisations. Organisations need behaviours and processes that accelerate… Read More