Know More Mangers Management Training by K3-Cubed Ltd


We live in a talent led knowledge economy, driven by technology.

Our KnoW MORE MANAGERS© suite of courses focuses on developing the human advantage in the face of increasingly powerful technology solutions.


  • Because there are far too many people who become “accidental” managers; managers who are promoted into positions without having the support, knowledge and/or understanding to be successful.
  • Because managers are leaders, whether they believe it or not. If managers have followers then they are leaders. If managers have people who mimic their behaviour, then they are leaders. To be effective managers need to “know more” about their role and their influence upon the organisation.
  • Because the greatest advantage a person has is the ability to learn to learn – to be agile and adapt. Our courses address this need, bringing the human advantage to the individual, team, organisation and wider society.
  • Because issues such as high impact service delivery, innovation, creativity, serendipity, complex decision-making and effectiveness rely on people, not technology.
  • Because people can override technology and their decisions impact cost, risk, reputation, quality, efficiency, effectiveness and innovation.
  • Because people with potential, with a common purpose, are the greatest source of sustainable competitive advantage an organisation has.
  • Because people are the limiting resource to success.
  • Because nothing is more powerful than the human brain.
  • Because… we could go on. The question is, what are you doing to develop your talent, your managers, your human advantage, for a technology age?