Will you stop kicking the culture bunny?

Can you stop talking about culture? No, really, can you?

This is the challenge I have been putting to organisations interested in improving the speed of learning, knowledge sharing, safety, efficiency, innovation and quality over the last three years. Why? Because performance and reliability depend on you eliminating ‘culture’ from your vocabulary. Read More

4 reasons for Knowledge Management to start acting like a Rapid Reaction Force!

Organisations operate in Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA) operating conditions. As such, organisations need rapid learning, decision and problem-solving flows. So why do so many Knowledge Management, IT, Organisational Development and Human Resource Development teams operate with static structures, processes and behaviours? Read More

Can your organisation anticipate wildfires?

High-Reliability Solutions Page 2017 HPHR Knowledge Management Courses This is blog is about wicked organisational problems, but first I want you to consider wildfires. Every year we read about wildfires in California that wreak havoc and cause tens of millions of Dollars of damage. People in fire zones are counselled about creating “defensible spaces” around… Read More

The theatre of Knowledge management: Are you making this ‘best practice’ mistake?

Knowledge Management doesn’t have to be about the theatre of action. A simple change to the way people ask questions can ignite knowledge wildfires and get everyone in the organisation practising KM. Read More