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K3-Cubed Ltd.
K3-Cubed Ltd. “The science of business”

K3-Cubed (K3) was started up by the University of Edinburgh in 2009, as a result of knowledge management, business agility and human resource development research conducted by David Griffiths that resulted in new methods for analysis and benchmarking. Since then we have worked in 17 countries from around the world. K3 stands for knowledge to the power of three; the impact of knowledge upon the individual, the team and the wider world.

What makes us different is that our work is based on a robust scientific approach to change; our underpinning benchmarking and change model winning an Emerald Literati Network Award. Quite simply, we understand the complex environment organisations find themselves in today and we help them make sense of their narrative. We aim to simplify and humanise problem identification and problem solving through the application of proven design thinking principles.

Our clients typically want to do a better job of anticipating change, innovating, improving productivity and/or improving their adaptive capability (the ability to react to change). They want to do a better job of making sense of their environment and they want to do it quicker than they have before. Our clients recognise that the environment is in a constant state of flux. They also recognise that if they don’t sense and act to that change quickly enough they will fail.

The science of business involves looking at the whole problem. Complex challenges cannot be solved through traditional reductionist approaches. Complex challenges need tools that look beyond the immediate cause and illuminate the underlying or discrete cause of the problem. The award-winning Knowledge-Core (K-Core) model does just that.

Our approaches do not only address today’s problems. We keep an eye on your future, making sure that when things go wrong, as they surely will, you are better positioned than your competitors to bounce forward and preserve/develop competitive advantage.

David Griffiths (Founder)

MSc (Edin), PhD (Edin), CMgr FCMI, FCIEA

ddcf51_35f4f170f8384ff28c33606723b68baaHi, I’m the founder of, and passion behind, K3-Cubed Ltd.

I live in a small coastal village in West Wales, which I use as a totally illogical base for travel. I have lived in the US, Iceland and Scotland, but, except for Haliewa (North Shore, O’ahu), there is no better place to live.

I am driven by a desire to make a positive difference for people. To help people when they need it most. I strongly believe that you need to be willing to disrupt environments to bring about change and you can either create your own reality or have others create it for you.

I hold a PhD in Knowledge strategy and management and an MSc in the Management of Training and Development, both from the University of Edinburgh.

The greatest compliment we are paid is when an organisation trusts us to guide them through turbulent times. It is a privilege I never take for granted. My work has provided me with wonderful experiences, from marvelling at the passion of engineers working at a coal-fired power station to watching knowledge flows on the set of Hawaii Five-O. I love what I do and feel lucky to be this trusted.

Here at K3, we take a skunkworks approach, where a Skunkworks “is an especially enriched environment that is intended to help a small group of individuals design a new idea by escaping routine organisational procedures. The research and development (R&D) workers in a skunkworks are usually specially selected, given special resources, and work on a crash basis to create an innovation.” This sums up how we like to work here at K3.

In December 2011 I was recognised as one of four key worldwide influencers in the Knowledge Management field. My work won an Emerald Literati Network Award for Research Excellence in

My work won an Emerald Literati Network Award for Research Excellence in 2012.  In

In 2013 I was listed as one of the top 30 Knowledge Management influencers in the world (“Top 100 names to know in KM”). In

In 2014 my Knowledge Management and Organisational Learning project with the Indiana Certified Public Accountants Society (INCPAS) won a “best project” award at the Society of Association Executives annual awards. In 2014 I wrote a book on future-facing HR development for the United States accounting profession, which was recommended by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants as a top read for the profession. In

In 2015 I was again named as one of the top 10 influencers in the field of Knowledge Management. In

In 2016 I won the prestigious Chartered Management Institute Management Article of the Year Award for his article on leadership, decision-making and change management in complex environments. Also in 2016, my long-term project in the US won a prestigious ASAE Power of ‘A’ Elite Summit Award for the CPA CoE project (Indiana), for impact on American society.

Ed Walker (Director and Principal Consultant)


I was fortunate to meet David through experiencing first hand his excellence in learning development and knowledge management.  His dedication to relenting high standards and delivering effective solutions set him apart from any other consultant that I have worked with and resonated with my own core values and beliefs.

I have enjoyed a successful career in engineering and project management and have always found delight in helping businesses and individuals improve, continuously striving for higher standards and as such the opportunity to join David and work together helping companies transition into the 4th Industrial Revolution was impossible to turn down.

In terms of my own background, I started out my career with a hands-on engineering apprenticeship with BMW Manufacturing, I have since added to this with a first-class degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Masters Degree in Engineering Business Management.  I also hold a host of additional qualifications in Project Management, Health and Safety, Construction and Commissioning including a NEBOSH General Certification and APMP / MSP Qualified Practitioner status.

My first involvement in project management came with the construction of the BMW Engine factory at Hams Hall and following that I have gained practical experience from the front lines of project management in a huge variety of projects across industry sectors and with budgets ranging from five thousand to three billion pounds.

During my career as a project manager I have observed, created and operated a variety of project management methods from PRINCEII, APM and PMI techniques to bespoke custom company project management systems.  As a registered practitioner with the Association for Project Management I have great faith in the rigours of project management structure and process but believe that the core success of any endeavour is due to the capability of the people involved.

The next challenge for companies engaged in project management is to understand that high reliability comes not from the processes but from the behaviours and capabilities of the people involved.