If: a poem for Knowledge Managers


If: a poem for Knowledge Managers

If you can keep in mind knowledge is
Never created in isolation. Ever.
If you can look beyond a reduction to root cause
And see interconnectedness and interdependence;
If you can stop trying to capture all that you know
For all who wish to know it,
Or believing you can talk about all that you know
With all who wish to know.

If you can embrace technology – and not make technology your master;
If you can obsess on the future, instead of problems of the past;
If you can sense the simple, complicated, complex and chaotic
And respond accordingly
Or see Knowledge Management broken,
Discussed and built with worn out ideas and tools

If you can anticipate the consequences of actions
And relate them to outcomes intended and unintended,
And lose the shroud of lessons learned
And never be shackled by a feeling of loss;
If you can see a network where others see an individual
Forcing yourself to dive the depths of Complex Adaptive Systems,
And so see the nature of the human
giving you the will to say to others; “Hold on!”

If you can see people
Where others see AI, Machine Learning and Robots,
If you can influence with interest and keen representation,
Enrolling leader and worker with a common touch,
If you can forgive a field with long shadows
Lacking identity and sense of place;
Yours is knowledge and everything that makes it,
And – which is more – you’ll be a Knowledge Manager, no more!

(David Griffiths, 2017, shamelessly plagiarised from Rudyard Kipling’s “If…”)

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