3 principles to help Knowledge Management and Rapid Learning to flourish

The starting conditions, the founding principles upon which your knowledge and learning programs are designed, determine the success of your Knowledge Management and Rapid learning programmes.

  • The three principles, set out in the slides below, are essential to the success of any organisational knowledge and learning system where the desired outcome is adaptive capability (resilience/agility), high performance and high reliability.
  • For those interested, the three principles are drawn from research into how people, specifically adults, acquire, use, share and create knowledge. For further reading, I recommend Knowles et al. (The adult learner) and Hattie & Yates (Visible learning and the science of how we learn). However, one of the most powerful influences upon my work in the areas of Knowledge Management, knowledge as a capability and Human Resource Development (learning agility and the power of learning to learn) has been the collective work of Sir Ken Robinson.

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