How mature is your Knowledge Management or Rapid Learning program?

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How mature is your Knowledge Management/Rapid Learning program and how does it contribute to the learning/knowledge capability of the organisation. In other words, how does Knowledge Management and Rapid Learning create value?

To help your thinking, we use this model to alert organisations to the opportunities/threats related to operational efficiency/effectiveness.

The model is designed to provoke thought around a transition from traditional (reductionist, asset-led, resource-based) KM/Rapid Learning thinking toward a predictive/anticipatory mode that creates human, social and intellectual capital, as defined by the International Integrated Reporting Framework (

A few questions for you to ponder:

  • How mature is your program?
  • How mature is your competitor’s program?
  • What does your maturity mean in terms of maintaining/developing service/product provision or market position?
  • What improvements are your competitors making in this area?
  • What will you do to design a transition toward higher performance?
  • What could be the cost if you recognise a lack of maturity and fail to act to improve?

Knowledge Management maturity framework

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