What happens when you relentlessly pursue the development of people?

Over the last five years, we have been leading with Indiana CPA Society on the design and development of a Centre of Excellence (CPA CoE) for the accounting profession in the United States. On October 5th, 2016 the project was nationally recognised by ASAE, winning a Power of ‘A’ Elite Summit Award, presented at an award dinner, attended by 1200+ people in Washington DC.


The ASAE selected six ‘elite’ winners from over 145 nominations across the United States. The CoE project was recognised along with five other amazing national organisations, such as American College of Chest Physicians (for widening access to life-saving medical care), American Counseling Association and Association for Corporate Growth. What made it even more notable is that Indiana CPA Society is the first accounting association in the US to ever win this prestigious national award. In winning the award, the CPA Coe was recognised for:

leveraging unique resources to solve problems, advance industry/professional performance, kickstart innovation and improve world conditions… [and] making a substantial, positive impact on our lives.


fullsizerenderThe CPA CoE is a Knowledge Management/Learning Organisation project like no other. It takes a holistic approach to the relentless development of people (click the link to see the latest HBR article on this topic). It is obsessed with improving structures, process and behaviours that improve issues of Safety (professional standards), Time, Innovation, Quality and Cost across the profession and wider society.

Take a look at the video that opens this blog for an insight into the tools we developed to operationalise our relentless pursuit of people development – a commitment to ensure individuals and organisations are better prepared for the future.

The CPA CoE project has succeeded in no small part due to values-driven, visionary leadership provided by Gary Bolinger (CEO), Jennifer Briggs (COO) and, on a day-to-day basis, Jess Halverson-Bowyer (CoE Strategist) – these are amazing people, reach out, chat with them, they are truly leading impactful change on a day-to-day basis.

If you would like to know more about how we crafted the CoE approach, or the specific tools developed within the CoE, get in touch – email me (david@k3cubed.com), Skype (davidatK3Cubed) 0r give me a call (+44 (0)7500 966998).

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