The Renegade Manager Podcast: good ideas just aren’t good enough! (now on iTunes)

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This week’s show: good ideas just aren’t good enough!

The focus is on ditching good ideas. I’m not talking about crushing innovation, I’m talking about enabling it.

Too many good ideas get lost because people can’t link the idea to a business case. This week’s podcast uses HR as an example and compares it to Apple’s launch of the iPhone 7.

You’ll hear me talk about STIQC (Stick) – Safety, Time, Innovation, Quality, Cost – and ITGOS (Individual, Team, Group, Organisation, Society), personalised messages to move good ideas to action.

Zoe is back and gives her perspective on moving good ideas to action from her perspective as an accidental manager.

Below are the STIQC and ITGOS frameworks mentioned in the podcast:


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