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The Renegade Manager Podcast: No more Employee Engagement! (show notes)

About this week’s Podcast:

For those who missed the promo episode: over the coming months you’ll hear monologues, interviews and debates all focused on evidence-based management practice. we’ll talk about tools that can help you avoid the pitfalls of worst practice. We’ll share stories and introduce you to some really interesting people. But, in the end, this podcast is all about helping managers who didn’t set out to be managers to become better managers

This week is a rallying call to ditch Employee Engagement and shift to Employee Involvement!

Our chat today is based on real cases and you can find an example of how we achieve the shift from engagement to involvement in our Chartered management Institute Management article of the year.

With me in this episode is Zoe. Zoe is our voice of the accidental manager, she works in the health sector and she will be adding her view on the challenges faced by accidental managers – people who are really good at their jobs who suddenly find themselves in management roles. If that describes you, don’t worry, you are not alone! [Disclimer – all Zoe’s opinions are her own, they do not reflect the views of her employer and at no time will she be discussing experiences related to her current employer].

So, why am I taking aim at employee engagement? Because, quite frankly, I think the concept of employee engagement in organisations is marketing spin. I believe that organisations who are truly interested in their employees, especially in retaining their best people, should be working toward Employee Involvement, which is where the discussion begins.


You’ll hear me discuss STIQC (Safety, Time, Innovation, Quality, Cost) – click here if you want to read more about this.

Examples of Employee Engagement questions discussed in the Podcast:


“I have a good understanding of the policies and process required to do your job?”

The response is reliant on the employee having an awareness of all the policies and processes that impact their roles in the first place.

“When something unexpected happens in work, I know who to ask for help”

How many people do you thing think about their line manager and answer, yes? The problem is that it is not about knowing who to ask for help, but getting to the person with the solution quickly.

My favourite, “the amount of work I am asked to do is reasonable”

Time to start a revolution! Everyone respond with “strongly disagree”, and let’s see what HR does next 🙂

The IKEA effect:


Click here for more information on the IKEA effect (Harvard Business Review working paper)

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Come back for our next episode, where we’ll be talking about the end of good ideas.

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