How mature is your Knowledge Management program?

How mature is your Knowledge Management program and how does KM contribute to the learning/knowledge capability of the organisation – in other words, how does it/will it create value?

 We use this model to alert organisations to the opportunities/threats to their ability to maintain/develop operational efficiency/effectiveness.

 The model is designed to provoke thought around a transition from traditional (reductionist, asset-led, resource-based) KM thinking toward a predictive/anticipatory mode that creates human, social and intellectual capital, as defined by the International Integrated Reporting Framework (

A few questions for you to ponder:

  • How mature is your program?

  • How mature are your competitors?

  • What does this mean in terms of maintaining/developing service/product provision or market position?

  • What improvements are your competitors making in this area?

  • How will you design a move toward higher performance?

  • What could be the cost if you recognise a lack of maturity and fail to act to improve?

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