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K3-Cubed Ltd. Management Consultants We provide multi-award winning management consulting, advisory, training and analysis services in the fields of Organisational Development, Knowledge Management, Learning Organisations, Strategic Management and Change Management.

What we do

The K3 Service Suite

Consulting and Advisory

We provide Design Thinking led advisory, analysis and consulting services in the fields of Organisational Development, Knowledge Management & Rapid Learning, Learning Organisations, Strategic Management and Change Management. We specialise in solutions for High-Reliability Organisations and Systems. Our clients include:

Top 400 Accounting Firms (USA) . Mars Inc . British Aerospace . Ubisoft (France) . Bahrain Natural Gas . European Training Foundation (Italy) . Scottish Water . Indiana CPA Society (USA) . TallyFox Social Technologies (Switzerland) . European Institute for Innovation and Technology (Hungary) . English Institute of Sport . EcoPetrol (Colombia) . US Navy . Visa Europe . Atomic Weapons Establishment . MayBank (Malaysia) . Quintiles Pharmaceuticals (APac) . Scottish Government . British Petroleum . E.ON (Community Energy) . E.ON (Agile) . E.ON (Technologies – ETG) (Germany) . Premier Health (USA) . Charles River Pharmaceuticals . Juran Benchmarking (Holland) . Bahrain Ministry of Education . Kaleo Technologies (USA) . University of Wales

Learning Design

We deliver Learning Design solutions, driven by the latest in adult learning and cognitive science research. Our work in this area includes bespoke solutions for small teams through to large scale learning solutions for an entire profession. We design and deliver executive level real-time leadership/management simulation events, through to mass engagement online learning programs, using the Curatr platform. Contact us for a demonstration or further details.

Management Training

We deliver high-performance high impact management training courses in the areas of Talent Management, Communication Skills, Knowledge Management, Decision Making, Leadership, Networking and Entrepreneurship. Contact us for on-site or online solutions. Find out more about our KnoW More Managers© philosophy.

The Clarity Cube©

We designed and deliver a proprietary decision-making and project learning tool to enhance Knowledge Management programs and Learning Organisations. The Clarity Cube© has been developed in conjunction with Peter Francis (Global Head of Leadership and Management at Laing O’Rourke). This powerful solution has been peer reviewed and was the subject of our award winning CMI case study (Management Articles of the Year 2016)


We deliver organisational Knowledge Management and Learning Organisation benchmarking services , underpinned by our proprietary, award winning, K-Core© Model. This service is managed by Juran Benchmarking and you can find out more information by visiting their website.

Awards and Recognition

We are privileged to have been recognised for our work and the following are examples of just some of the praise we have received:

  • ASAE “Power of A” Elite Summit Award Winner 2016: The CPA CoE project. A prestigious national award for a program that makes an exemplary commitment to creating a stronger America and world and a positive influence upon the daily lives of society at large.
  • David has been recognised for his global influence in the field of knowledge and learning by independent data research in 2012 (Frost & Frank, top 4 visionaries), 2013 (Mindtouch 29 of 100) and 2015 (Attensa top 10).

  • Emerald Literati Award for Research Excellence in 2012
  • Our projects frequently receive critical praise – for example, a press review of one of our US projects stated, “The word ‘game-changer’ gets thrown around more than the word ‘dynamic’ at a Grant Thornton strategy meeting, but this really is a game-changer.”


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News, Opinion & Resources

Latest Thinking

1.How are you looking at Knowledge Management?
2. How are you measuring impact, results and return?
3. Are you ready for emerging forms of measurement related to interconnectedness/integration/interdependence within the organisation that could pronounce Knowledge Management to be dead when all the while you thought it was alive?

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“You must understand how to influence the system (behaviours, process and structures) or the system will bring you to fail” Rapid learning and accelerated knowledge flows are hugely important to organisations interested in quickly sensing/anticipating/managing changes at their boundaries. And, from a pragmatic, practical position, organisations need to accelerate learning/knowledge flows to sense/anticipate/manage better  STIQCE (Safety,… Read More

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Knowledge Management is one of the most misunderstood management concepts ever created and I am sad to say, I detest the term “Knowledge Management” and I am deeply saddened by much of the “established” practice created under the auspices of Knowledge Management. These are the top 10 reasons for Knowledge Management problems.

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Have you considered what complexity looks like in your network or organisational system or how it could influence your Knowledge Management, Human Capital or Rapid Learning project – take a look at the video to find out?

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Indiana CPA Society is the first accounting association to ever win this prestigious national award, being recognised for: leveraging unique resources to solve problems, advance industry/professional performance, kickstart innovation and improve world conditions… [and] making a substantial, positive impact on our lives.

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Take a look at this handout, from my Talent Academy project with the CPA Centre of Excellence in the US, which will give you some ideas as to how you can achieve change management success through marginal gains across the HR Pathway.

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What Our Customers Think

“The core competency descriptor model developed by David and the Society is a tool to help assess individuals, but it’s more than that. It’s a critical look at how the CPA should function. How a CPA should work within the business arena. How a leader develops. How somebody thinks. A whole collection of soft skills that are not taught at the university level.”

“Do NOT invest in this resource if you are looking to enjoy your current challenges over and over again. This book is chock full of practical information and checklists for competencies often overlooked. I highly recommend it for every CPA interested in furthering their own development, and that of their organization.”

David cut to the heart of the problem and got us to see beyond our old ways of thinking. Highly recommended advisory and training services.

I have been working with David following the London Olympic and Paralympic Games. David is more than just a consultant who demolishes local context and floods the organisation with his own agenda. He is an intelligent and open minded individual who spends time understanding the landscape of the world we work in and builds a strong relationship with the team.

What are your competitor's doing while you wait to learn?

No more Lessons Learned! We are helping organisations to move away from static Lessons Learned programs to a state of Rapid Learning. Email us to find out how.

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